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Outdoors Activities
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Wether you'd like to go fishing, hiking or mountainbiking, Ylöjärvi has it all. Seitseminen nature preservation area is relatively near and Hiking Travel takes you to a guided tour to enjoy Finnish nature. There are many ball game fields around like golf, volleyball etc. Lake Karhe is safe and has not contained any Blue-green algae in past years. Lake also has several different fish species for fishing enthusiasts to catch.
Come to Karhe and spend a straightforward Finnish holiday.


Experiences With Food

There are several possibilities when it comes to food in Karhe. Wether you wish to eat out or order in, there are good choises for each way. We also recommend to try local small producer products like Suojärven suklaatilalta Chocolate or Vänrikki. We recommend to try following destinations:

Local Treasures

Karhe Neighbourhood Is Filled With Joy

Read more about Ylöjärvi city and the events around by checking out Visit Ylöjärvi -site, and find interesting activities for your holiday.

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History Of Muotiainen And Karhe

The roots of our community reach far away to 16th century.

(Right) Registration of Estate a Hundred Years Ago.

Muotiainen is one of the firs estates around lake Karhe. It was established in 1598.
According to Finnish housing data, back then there were 4 houses around the area.
Muotiainen was the fift estate.

"'Muotiainen has been buit on so called Kumpula hill, near lake shore. 
It was one of the first estates around Lake Karhe and has been established in 1598'
Jussila & al 2009: Location might be a bit off but rather propable. Field and forest. 
There are no signs of old building. If it has been located on the hill in north,
there are remains of a building and yard. House stands alone and is propably mainly decomposed.
Not an anchient relic."

Hundreds of years ago Lake Karhe was a lot bigger than now.
Back in 18th century, Villa Karhenhelmi would have been totally submerged in the lake.
Muotiainen Estate has also been the first house to do export.
They sold tasty crabs to Vyborg in Russia around the 18th century.

Owners of the estate are found here 

Check out this old map from the area


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